April 17, 2022

Blessed, Exceptional & Unstoppable

Raven Self Defense Academy Musashi Clan - Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo 
NewsLetter of the Modern-Day Samurai

The chaos inside of you will create chaos outside of you. The solution to this ongoing war is to train ourselves to a true modern-day Samurai and fight off the Psychic Vampires in Life, (negative people who try to suck you dry of your positive energy) and control the Monkey Kings (fictional characters that represent the past and the future) in our own minds.

The Modern-Day Shinobi Samurai is the guardian against ignorance, illusion, and the Monkey Kings. The Modern-Day Samurai is shielded against the fangs of psychic vampires. The Modern-Day Samurai utilizes skills, strategy, and tactics to realize that they are BLESSED, EXCEPTIONAL, and UNSTOPPABLE!

MODERN DAY SAMURAI  the Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo will give you the tools you need to BE U (Be You) a true Modern-Day Samurai.

If you have not joined us on a transformational journey through the vehicle of martial arts, then Raven Self Defense Academy / Musashi Clan Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo would love to offer you to learn from home with our world-class curriculum through our Online Academy!

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Self Defense Tip of the Month The Triangle of Force!

The triangle of force
Article written by Utaka Musashi