Ninja Heritage Show + Shuriken Workshop for your group (K90)

Discover traditional training etiquettes and rituals in a Tokyo dojo 

Learn about the costumes worn by the samurai warriors and ninjas 

Use shuriken's, as you learn about typical stances and throws 

Practice ninja or samurai moves under the watchful eye of an instructor
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Ninja Heritage Show + Shuriken Workshop for your group (K90) FAQ's

The show consist of 3 parts
Part 1 Well-wishing dance by Miko (sacred maiden)
Shihobarai with a samurai sword
Demonstration of various weapon techniques

Part 2 (The experience (s) 15-40 minutes depending on requests)
Ninja Star experience by guests

Part 3 Dance: Karas-tengu, (raven-faced demi god), who is supposed to be the guardian spirit of the clan according to the clan legend.
A number of kumite (grappling) demonstrations.
All of the clan members, including women, are black belts, but please know ninjutsu is not a martial art. So we hope we can introduce to you our philosophy called Ninshido and what we seek in our training.
Enjoy meeting our folks after the show taking photos.

What makes this activity unique?

Step back in history as you enter the traditional dojo of a shinobi-samurai clan. The shinobi-samurai were the samurai warriors who trained the ninjas and led them to work for warriors governments. (Ninja is a new name. The old name for a ninja was shinobi.) The clan gives an exclusive show and experience to small group of people (20 persons maximum) at our traditional dojo.

After you settle down in a dim dojo, you'll enjoy a 30-minute kunoichi ninja show.  

Ninjas including female kunoichi ninjas used to go around the country to gather information in disguise. They appeared as travelling priests, sacred maidens, gardeners, musicians, poets, dancers, etc. So they had to pass as professionals in each of the trades.

You can feel free to take lots of photos. Come ready to be immersed in a kunoichi "Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) night.

(No alcohol or meal in dojo)
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How much does it cost?

The price from $2,659.17 per group (up to 15).

Where can I get help?

You can use the chat form within the website.