Private 90-Min. Elite Ninja or Samurai Experience: Stealth Walk, Shuriken, Sword

Discover traditional training etiquettes and rituals in a Tokyo dojo 

Learn key concept: "Five-ring principle" used by the samurai warriors and ninjas 

Swing a bokken sword as you learn about typical stances and moves 

Practice ninja or samurai moves under the watchful eye of an instructor
samurai premium experience

Private 90-Min. Elite Ninja or Samurai Experience: Stealth Walk, Shuriken, Sword FAQ's

Learn ninja and samurai moves at a popular Tokyo dojo (training area) known as the Musashi Ninja Clan Shinobi-Samurai Honjin Dojo. You’ll get dressed up in traditional samurai or ninja costume, then practice traditional samurai sword skills using a wooden sword, and learn about the popular shuriken (ninja star) moves. It’s a fun way to learn about ancient Japanese culture in the country’s capital.

What makes this activity unique?

Learn the history of traditional swordsmanship with roots that can be traced back more than 420 years.

Licensed interpreter/trainer(s) provides top-notch, real time translation.
Our workshop is for those who want to know more than just have fun. If you want to know our thoughts, history and tradition, you need a reliable interpreter/trainer with specialty knowledge.

On this hands-on ninja or Samurai experience, you will start with meditation in ninja/samurai outfit, and learn 5 entry level techniques such as (shuriken, stealth steps, sword, meditation+kujiriki) with our shinobi-samurai instructor. The basic principles of the Ninshido (shinobi-samurai philosophy) is introduced in a dynamic and mindful way.

Our clan is the only existing ninja clan whose ancestors served the Tokugawa Shogunate for 265 years. and then in 1868 they became independent so they could continue to keep their identity as shinobi. All of our ninja weapons have been hand crafted in the family.
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How much does it cost?

Price starting from $141.82.

Where can I get help?

You can use the chat form within the website.