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About Us

The Musashi Clan consists of a number of families and people who have built close relations of trust with the Shibata Family of the Musashi Province.
The Shibata of Musashi became retainers of Tokugawa Ieyasu and served the Tokugawa Shogunate for 265 years as intelligence operatives called "Metsuke (inspectors)" and "Onmitsu (undercover agent).

In 1868 the clan became independent and formed an order of shinobi.
The clan has become a small think and do tank and started to offer services such as seminars and experiences to introduce the ninja and samurai cultures of the Clan Shibata since 2007.

What’s Ninja?

Musashi ninjas

We have defined the contemporary ninjas as members of a tight-knit clan whose goals every member shares.

From the end of the 16th century, our clan developed the system of Onmitsu (Tokugawa Ninja). Some of our ancestors were samurai generalists with expertise in matters of stealth and combat. Some were specialists, becoming adept at social skills, magic, or interaction with nature. Some were artists, scholars, priests, wrestlers or weaponsmiths who worked to keep law and order and peace of the country.

All sought to maintain "balance" or peace of mind in life to survive, and trained themselves to heighten their awareness and perseverance. We follow a code termed "Ninshido".

Still today the ninjas, in striving to reach their goals, develop the individual persons and sensibility to survival. They protect others, stand up for freedoms, and build a great community of friends.

Our ultimate goal is to reach and follow the path to the "空 (Ku)" or no-self, where there is no conflict.

What We Offer

Hands on experience to anyone who's interested in learning more about this little known facet of Japanese culture, You wear a ninja outfit of our clan, and try out some of our classic ninja weapons handcrafted by our master weaponsmith.

Weapons handcrafted

Then the heart of ninja principles and a REAL history are explained to you in a practical, mindful and dynamic way.

Learn to walk on silent feet, as well as to make your mind silent just as our ancestors taught us. You'll gain a bit deeper insight into our culture. Let's you and our clan, help to build a bridge of international friendship.

Shibata Suzaku Vanessa

The Ninshido

According to Mansenshukai, a classic ninjutsu text compiled by Fujibayashi Sabuji in 1676, the ninja were divided into two statuses. Shinobizamurai (samurai warriors) who were the heads of the ninja clans, and shinobinomono (people trained by the shinobizamurai).

Our clan pays homage to those shinobizamurai of the Edo Era, especially the Shibatas.

The Shibatas were the shinobizamurai who assumed the roles of masterminds, and created and devised tools & weapons, as well as training their servants to operate in stealth.

Takenaka Shibata

The most noteworthy of them was Shibata Sadataro Takenaka.

He was sent to Europe twice to collect information and then to contract an agreement to build iron foundry in addition to organizing the first French military mission to Japan (1867‒68) for them to train the Shogunate soldiers in western warfare.


The Musashi Clan Programs

For people who want to get a general view of ninpo-taijutstu, we can include shintai-sohsa training in which you learn to make better use of white muscles, etc, and this does not require martial art skills, so no jumping or rolling or striking is necessary.

Hands-on Ninja Experience

Basic (60 minute)
Certificate (90 minute)

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Introduction to Iai swordsmanship

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Deal !

To learn both Ninja + Samurai 2-hour or 90-minute session

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Musashi Ninja Workshops

for a group of more than 10 people

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Ninja+Samurai Shows

Kunoichi Night @our dojo

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Basic Information

No experience necessary.
Participants must be over 12. Children from 5-11 must be with a participating parent. This is private instruction.

Booking information

For this experience, it is recommended to request bookings 14 days in advance.

Cancellation Policy

Once you have received a booking confirmation, cancellations and rebooking are allowed up to 7 days prior to the experience.

  • 8 days prior ...... 0%
  • 7-2 days prior .... 50%
  • 1 day prior ........ 70%
  • on the day ........ 100%

Tell us what you are interested in and we can arrange for the type of experience you want. After a session with our ninjashu, we hope you will have a bit deeper insight into our legacies and traditions.


Handcrafted for our clan by "Jutte master"

Most of the weapons we use were crafted by the 17th generation head of the clan,"Jutte master" Tetsubunsai Shibata.

tekkou shuriken shuriken



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