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A family-dojo with a history of 400+ years offers you real hands-on experiences. In 1582, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Ieyasu was fleeing from Sakai (Osaka) through Iga, and one of our ancestors escorted him together with the famous Hattori Hanzo, to Ise.
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Ninja Experience with Kunoichi Suzak of Musashi Lineage
Have an interactive ninja experience with Suzak, the 19th generation head of Musashi Ninja Clan via Zoom. Suzak will meet you at her weapon workshop in Yokohama. View some of the unique hand crafted ninja weapons and tools.
ninja experience with kunoichi suzak
Samurai Experience with Musashi Clan Head
Your host, a female member of the Musashi Shinobi Samurai Order. View different kinds of sword. Learn the important points to wield a sword. You’ll have a insight into the Japanese history that the clan ancestors had contacts with.
samurai experience with musashi clan head
通訳 レッスン オンライン Interpreter Training
Shadowing, Sight Translation, Slash Reading, Summarization, etc. Each time, it covers one or two training methods. Two textbooks: Simultaneous interpretation of whispering for the first time, master course
通訳 レッスン オンライン interpreter training
Martial arts
Learn about Swordsmanship, Taijutsu, Karate and much more.
martial arts
Ninjutsu is a collection of strategic techniques to gather intelligence.
Calligraphy and Japanese
Japanese language and culture classes, online with Zoom meetings.
calligraphy and japanese
What is Musashi Ninja Clan?
We are an international non profit organization by Ninshi (contemporary term referring to Shinobi Samurai) based on the Musashi clan, a Japanese ninja group.

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After the 50th memorial of Tatsunojo, Suzak succeeded the clan head position from Jin'ichi Tetsubunsai Shibata in 2006 and appointed Kazuchika Yoneda as Tohmoku of the clan.

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Our shinobi samurai ancestors served the Tokugawa Shogunate for 265 years. We are proud to be the one and only ninja clan existing in Japan to this date. All our experienced are offered by a team of a master and an interpreter/trainer.
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What you can learn with us?
Hands on experience to anyone who's interested in learning more about this little known facet of Japanese culture, You wear a ninja outfit of our clan, and try out some of our classic ninja weapons handcrafted by our master weaponsmith. Learn to walk on silent feet, as well as to make your mind silent just as our ancestors taught us. You'll gain a bit deeper insight into our culture. Let's you and our clan, help to build a bridge of international friendship.
Who are you?
According to Mansenshukai, a classic ninjutsu text compiled by Fujibayashi Sabuji in 1676, the ninja were divided into two statuses. Shinobizamurai (samurai warriors) who were the heads of the ninja clans, and shinobinomono (people trained by the shinobizamurai).
Our clan pays homage to those shinobizamurai of the Edo Era, especially the Shibatas.
The Shibatas were the shinobi samurai who assumed the roles of masterminds, and created and devised tools & weapons, as well as training their servants to operate in stealth.
Who was  Shibata Sadataro Takenaka?
He was sent to Europe twice to collect information and then to contract an agreement to build iron foundry in addition to organizing the first French military mission to Japan (1867‒1868) for them to train the Shogunate soldiers in western warfare.
Wonderful time spent at Honjin Dojo
Dec 2019 • Solo
Had a great time learning about the meaning and true ways of Ninja and samurai. Love the hand-crafted weapons by their clan leader. Fun and interesting obstacle course teaching you how to be stealthy. Shuriken throwing and blow gun practice was awesome as well. Learning the proper way to handle sword and different ways to cut was best part ?. Musashi clan members were very supportive and friendly...Would definitely love to visit again.
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Learn the history of traditional swordsmanship with roots that can be traced back more than 420 years.

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