Transnational Research Center (NPO)

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over 420 years

We are open to receive new members

We are open to receive new members

Our Order of Shinobi-Samurai (NPO) is open to receive new members to the Transnational Research Center.
This is the Think Tank Division of the Order.
A person cannot refer to him/herself as shinobi (ninja) without collecting or dealing in information. So, we ask you to write an article on local safety and security in your country every season.

Then you will learn our shinobi ninpo principles and shinobi mindsets from us. No martial arts knowledge is needed, as our shinobijutsu is a collection of strategic techniques to gather intelligence without being noticed. There are divisions of work, the majority of the shinobi are not martial arts practitioners.

We have been reviving the order by getting new members, and by introducing our traditions and ninja ideas, as well as working to build a bridge of international friendship.

Our member's mission

The people who can understand the following can join us.

Collect information about a place good for sightseeing in your country and report to the Center once a year. Make sure your report is reliable. Do not copy things from the internet. (There’s no requirement or a specific format for writing reports.)
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1. We intend to create a real shinobi organization modeled after the order operated by our ancestors till 100 years ago. We'll focus on following the path to Ku and collect information on regional security as our shinobi mission.

2. The contemporary shinobi are members of a tight knit clan pursuing same goals. We work to benefit our local communities. Our value judgement is based on the fundamental principles of Ninshido when we use ninjutsu.

3. All the members make efforts to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Being part of this group requires mutual trust. What's shared in the group are sensitive and private, and stay in the group. Do not share information with others except the articles on places of interest.

4. Know the historical fact that martial arts have constituted only a part of ninjutsu. The shinobi are not fighters or assassins. We'll serve the transnational communities to help build a bridge of international friendship. You don’t need to know martial arts to be a ninja.

5. The NPO is not a martial art organization, and it does not authorize any member to teach martial arts or open a dojo using the name "Musashi Clan".

Member’s Rank

There are 7 ranks in the Onmitsu Order.

The popular term "ninja" gives us an image created by medias. "Kage (shade), Kusa (grass) and shinobinomono" sound more traditional. We prefer to use a title, "Shinobi" in our order, and if a member wants to use this title, he/she is asked to submit one paper a year. To be shinobi kashira, one is required to submit 4 reports a year. A shinobi does not deserve to be recognized as one, without collecting or dealing in information.
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After joining the Order

We will introduce our shinobi-samurai principles and some of our curricula to the new members. Then, to be Shinobi Kashira, a new member is expected to submit 5 papers on a place of interest. To become an "Onmitsu dohshin" a Shinobi Kashira will write 5 articles. A dohshin can form volunteer study groups of ninjutsu to promote Ninshido. Any ninja fan can attend study gathering free of charge. To attain a higher rank of Onmitsu Yoriki, 3 papers on regional security should be produced.

We’ll translate the reports into Japanese and put them up on our homepage. We are interested in providing tour agents and travelers with tips, especially about the places only locals know and the safety and security in their respective region.
For those who want to represent us with their martial arts, the requirements are different. There is an annual membership fee of 5000 yen. Each shihan is required to come to Japan to train with Tohmoku once in three years. (We may change this to 4 years due to the hardship under the current coronavirus pandemic.) The shihan earns the title of ninshi to represent us. As for other terms, we should discuss together with the shihan people and set up contracts, and specify a contract term per contract.

Ninshi Ranking System

People in different countries think Dan and Kyu are for martial arts. But in Japan, we give Dan and Kyu for other arts.

Shinobi Kashira

By completing 1-5 reports. A ninshi patch can be worn on a sleeve.

Onmitsu Dohshin

With a successful gorin presentation.
Mon can be worn on the chest area and the back.

Onmitsu Chunin

Working as a staff member for over a year. Report on Kyohmei activity as a Ha leader, or seasonal report on regional security or safety, or research outstanding contribution through fulfilling shinobi mission(s).

Onmitsu Johnin

Working as a staff member for over 2 years. Active participation in gatherings and events, or service as a leader of 4 projects, or outstanding contribution through fulfilling shinobi mission(s).

Kanrei Rishi*

To achieve this, one must be submitting a treatise. *(age over 30)

Kanrei Renshi*

Writing a manual / book / contribution or submitting a thesis on Sansai. *(age over 35)

Kanrei Kyoshi

This rank is granted after 5 years of service as Kanrei Renshi.

Kanrei Hanshi

Granted after 5 years of service as Kanrei Kyoshi.