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We are an international non profit organization by Ninshi (contemporary term referring to Shinobi Samurai) based on the Musashi clan, a Japanese ninja group.

What is Musashi Ninja Clan?

“Shinobi Samurai”

The shinobi samurai have adapted themselves to the needs of each era and still serve communities now. This is because information gathering has been important at all times.

All the warriors from Iga and Koka who entered the service to the Tokugawas had surnames, as they were shinobi samurai. The elite shinobi samurai became secret agents and the police and eventually entered the diplomatic field during the Bakumatsu time. Thanks to their foresight, the current order has developed as a thiink & do tank.




Historical Background
Our ancestors escorted Tokugawa Ieyasu in his Iga Passing in 1582, and became vassals of Tokugawa in the same year, and belonged to the Hattori Iga no kami group. 

After moving to Edo in 1590, they became Hiroshiki-ban, but at the same time, worked as secret agents and as inspectors from time to time.
As a result, the Iga shinobi samurai were promoted to higher posts, and were transferred to other samurai groups.

Especially from the middle of the 19th century, diplomacy became important due to the drastic changes in the shogunate policies, many who passed the exams were assigned to the foreign affairs department.
At the time of the 11th Shogun Ienari, the Shogunate created an examination system called Gakumon Gimmi to encourage their retainers to study confucianism and other related subjects. 

The examinations were held 19 times from 1792 to 1868, and the awards were given to very successful examinees. To those examinees, success in the exam meaned the gateway to a successful career.
Our ancestors placed importance on language studying and learning. Their efforts got paid off. Somehow this made our clan rather unique in the Igamono society under the shogunate.

After the restoration of the monarchy, the Shibatas of the Musashi Province remained active in shinobi business till Sen’ichi Tatsunojo became an officer of the Salvation Army. This made the clan turned to keep a low profile until 2006.


After the 50th memorial of Tatsunojo, Suzak succeeded the clan head position from Jin'ichi Tetsubunsai Shibata in 2006 and appointed Kazuchika Yoneda as Tohmoku of the clan.
kiyomi vanessa shibata

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Ginroh 銀狼
NPO - Ninshidan Europe, President
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Ohwashi 大鷲
NPO - Ninshidan Latin America, Commander
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Shiroh 白狼
NPO - Ninshidan Africa, Commander
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Tomi とみ
Transnational Research Center IT Director
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