90-Min. Musashi Clan Seminar + Workshop for a Group (10 pax~)

Discover traditional training etiquettes and rituals in a Tokyo dojo 

Learn about the costumes worn by the samurai warriors and ninjas 

Swing a bokken sword as you learn about typical stances and moves 

Practice ninja or samurai moves under the watchful eye of an instructor
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90-Min. Musashi Clan Seminar + Workshop for a Group (10 pax~) FAQ's

Learn ninja and samurai moves at a popular Tokyo dojo (training area) known as the Musashi Ninja Clan Shinobi-Samurai Honjin Dojo. You’ll get dressed up in traditional samurai or ninja costume, then practice traditional samurai sword skills using a wooden sword, and learn about the popular shuriken (ninja star) moves. It’s a fun way to learn about ancient Japanese culture in the country’s capital.

What makes this tour unique?

This is a team building seminar-workshop. Our ancestos were Tokugawa ninjas, and they were of samurai lineages. So our ninja-samurai philosophy is
quite unique as it's a combination of ninja and samurai principles It is a foundation of lifestyle system developed with timeless wisdom.

To attain strong mindset, one needs to cultivate one's spirit on a daily basis through mindful training. Let's focus on developing mental fortitude and equanimity through mindful quiet training.

We provide licensed interpreter-guide/trainers with top-notch language skills, all of whom are our clan members.
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How much does it cost?

The price starts from $111.82.

Where can I get help?

You can use out chat form in out webpage.