June 14, 2022

How to train yourself to be a ninja (shinobi)?

I received an email asking what I recommend so that a person living outside Japan can learn ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu is the technique to keep the balance of the communities and societies, used by shinobi. The shinobi collect information by using their techniques such as Gosha-no-Jutsu (五車の術), to name one, to influence their target(s) psychologically, to get desired information or effects.

When you start to understand the balance of things that we cannot see with our eyes, you are opening the door to the shinobi world.
You don't need to learn martial arts, though they help you in your training to walk in the way of "No-self." You learn to breathe quietly and to meditate to have a silent mind.

You become part of nature, as your senses become sharper to feel people's feelings and imminent danger. When we teach people about this, we see that those who practice Yoga or meditation learn quicker to strengthen their sensibility which is something like the “6th sense.” Everybody is born with this ability that all you have to do is to sharpen.

Our members are expected to participate in the training session of Kyomei Mizukagami (Empathetic resonance and water mirror). Those who are in distant places can practice Kujikiri to achieve the same mental and physical conditions as they advance in their exercises.

The ultimate ninjutsu technique in our clan is “Kanjizai no jutsu.” The technique(s) applied by the shinobi, who remain unknown to the public, to improve social situations. The shinobi observe behind the scenes unnoticed and take action in secrecy. When we hear people on street talking “Thank god, things turned out well.”, the shinobi feel delighted.

In our clan, our new member is taught to observe the society unnoticed and use his or her techniques to change the balance of things to keep the peace. There are two ways to change things, positive ways, and negative ways. About 100 years ago, our ancestors decided to do away with negative ways, such as assassinations, plotting, or poisoning. So, our ways now are to fascinate people, or give suggestions, etc.

Our children are taught to walk on silent feet and understand where their “tanden (sea of energy)” is. Then they start to train their cores. If you can use your core power more effectively, you may be able to pick up heavier things or move faster than ordinary people expect. Some learn to use their muscles and bones differently which enables them to move in stealth.

What can people outside Japan do to learn ninjutsu? Practice meditation so you can reach a state of equanimity. Control your anger and learn to listen to get information and practice writing about your findings. The most important skill of a ninja is the ability to gather information.

武蔵一族の中で最高峰と言われている術は観自在の術です。 自らの気配を消して状況を観察し、必要があれば介入するというものです。

Article written by Suzak Shibata
Born in Yokohama, Japan as a daughter of Jin'ichi Tetsubunsai (the 18th generation head of the clan) and Kimi (Someya) Shibata. The 17th generation head, Sen'ichi Tatsunojoh, became Christian and ordered the clan to be closed for 50 years after his death. Tetsubunsai operated his workshop as a blacksmith and continued his shinobi samurai training. He stepped down from his post to be succeeded by Suzak in 2006. Suzak and Tetsubunsai appointed Kazuchika Yoneda to assist Suzak as Tohmoku of the clan. Besides being a representative of the clan, Suzak has managed Honjin Dojo Suzaku has been the head interpreter-trainer in the clan. Authored several books for those who study interpreting.