April 17, 2022

Keep It Real Rule #2

Raven Self Defense Academy Musashi Clan - Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo
NewsLetter of the Modern-Day Samurai

This month let's look at the 2nd rule.

To be a Modern Day Samurai of your Life, you must Keep it real about your feelings. How do you really feel? Get in touch with your true feelings. Experience them, express them, and learn who you truly are authentic.

There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. To truly know yourself is to be absolutely free. When you authentically know yourself, you will know your passion; you will know the path to walk down. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and truly discover what it is that makes you tick.

Don’t rush it; take your time, and enjoy the journey. Along the way, use the Modern Day Samurai warrior philosophy tools such as the Self Analysis Run Down, the Take a Walk Concept, and the 5 Minutes Alone Meditation to discover the real you and the kingdom that is inside you.

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Article written by Utaka Musashi