May 3, 2022

Respect is the path to harmony

Every person you interact with daily should be treated with respect and have your undivided attention.

This might seem like a big ask in the modern world we live in, but this is the true path to harmony. I want to start with a simple, yet complex question. What does harmony mean to you? Take a few seconds to think about your answer before you continue reading. Keep the idea in your head and read the below information with an open mind. (Shoshin)

My idea of harmony begins with first removing yourself from the interaction. This means no ego, no want, and no angle, just a clear observation of the interaction from an unassuming mind and open heart. When you observe the interaction and can clearly “feel” what the other person is saying. At that moment you are at the door of harmony. When you reply to this person interacting with you then you can do so with a good understanding of their feelings. As soon as the person you are interacting with hears that you are responding with a true knowledge of the feeling they have, then they become open and feel in harmony with you.

As soon as the other person feels in harmony with you then they will listen to you with the same mind. During this open mind/heart interaction you and the other person will grow and become better. You help each other and the feeling of harmony also leaves an energized feeling when the interaction is over. This energized feeling can last for the whole day. After the interaction you and the person you had the interaction with will have great respect for each other. This is positive and what we should strive to achieve.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. When you interact with another person that does not respect you enough to be open and unassuming, you should not get angry nor lose your composure. The best you can do if an interaction is negative is to be respectful and take pity on the person that does not understand the beginnings of harmony. It is important to keep your mind away from a negative direction. The best way to do this is practice respect and understanding of people in your daily life. Know that every person walks a different path during each day. Some days a person can be friendly and the next day negative.

We need to work towards harmony in our daily lives and it starts with respect. If a person does not understand we should teach them by being an example. People follow examples better than words.

Strive for harmony every day and the secrets of understanding will become as clear as daylight.

Article written by Yuhkimaru Musashi
Yuhkimaru of the Musashi clan is avid student of survival skills and martial arts used during the era of the Samurai. Yuhkimaru aims to use his writing skills and knowledge of human psychology to further the ideals of the Musashi clan and share it with the world. Wisdom from the past carry much weight towards the application of the clan principles for use in modern times. "To insure the security of a bright future through education for all the people of the world is my dream." (Yuhkimaru)