April 17, 2022

Supercharge Your Life

Raven Self Defense Academy / Musashi Clan - Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo 
NewsLetter of the Modern-Day Samurai #3

What if there was a way to supercharge your life? A way to elevate yourself to a level beyond most humans? What would you pay to have this ability? Would you invest a small fortune if it was possible to be a real superhuman? What if I told you I found the secret. Not only do I know the secret, but I am going to share it with you. Would you take action on it? Would you pounder and never use it? Would you doubt it and never try? Would it spark a fuse on a stick of dynamite, or would it merely light your wick?

No more BS; it is time to live a life that is truthful and meaningful! If anyone actually tells you they have all the answers to life's mystery, you should run away and never look back. No, I do not have all the answers! I am not sure I even have all the right questions but what I do have is some life lessons that I learned the hard way. I can't teach you how to be superhuman, only how to be a super YOU.

I have a love for the samurai and their history. I read all the old manuals and scrolls I can get my hands on. I am a student of life, history, and philosophy and continue to learn and grow. The ancient samurai were a warrior class and were sometimes very cruel and even brutal. They were also family men, fathers, artists, and philosophers. They have a lot to teach and they have reached throughout time and space through the scrolls to teach us. It is my hope that I can share with you a few things that will help you on your journey, just as my teachers and those ancient samurai have done for me. I do not let my past dictate my future and I hope if you have had a rocky past that you follow that lead and reach out to the lessons of the Modern-Day Samurai and the skills we teach at Raven Self Defense Academy Musashi Clan Utaka-Ha Honbu Dojo. Embrace the way. 

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Self Defense Tip of the month The six gates, closest weapon to nearest Target. 

The six gates, closest weapon to nearest Target

Article written by Utaka Musashi